Why Bungalow? Bungalow House Types

Why Bungalow? Bungalow House Types

Bungalow houses are designed to alter your lifestyle with minimal structures. Originally intended for vacations, these types of houses have now been made completely habitable. In contrast to standard buildings, these homes appear flatter and smaller, making them seem both more cost-effective and livable to people.

Why is Bungalow House Preferred?

Popular Bungalow Houses
Popular Bungalow Houses

The reasons for the preference of bungalow houses are as mentioned above, stemming from their minimalistic nature. Several factors contribute to the preference for these small structures:
Minimalistic Living
• Lower Costs
Unique Design Beyond the Standard
• Easy-to-Design Structures
• Quick Changeability in Interior and Exterior Design
• Adaptability to Climate Conditions

Like all around the world, the popularity of bungalow houses continues to rise. The low cost of these structures can be considered the primary factor in people’s preference for bungalow houses. These house types, which are more favored in countries such as the Netherlands, Cuba, the United States, Japan, Norway, and Sweden, continue to spread rapidly.

CountryBungalow House PopularityAverage Cost (USD)
NetherlandsHigh100,000 – 300,000
United StatesModerate-High80,000 – 250,000
CubaModerate-High90,000 – 200,000
JapanModerate70,000 – 150,000
NorwayModerate-High90,000 – 250,000
SwedenModerate-High80,000 – 220,000
CanadaModerate-High85,000 – 250,000
AustraliaModerate-High90,000 – 280,000
South AfricaModerate75,000 – 200,000
IndiaModerate60,000 – 150,000

Most Preferred Bungalow House Types

Popular Bungalow Types
Popular Bungalow Types

In terms of design, the preference for a house is largely a matter of personal taste, but we can make the distinction here based on price and size. Additionally, bungalow house types can assist us in this regard, depending on their usage.

Cheap Bungalow House Types

Primarily designed for one or two people, these houses are quite small but, in comparison to other homes, they are the most budget-friendly. Disregarding climate variations, a great holiday home can be built with just around $20,000 in design. Bungalow houses are considered sufficient to meet basic needs. Additional preferences such as an extra bathroom, a garden in front of the bungalow, a garage, or a kitchen table can be overlooked. These 2+0 or 2+1 combination houses provide a maximum living space for two people. The cost can vary based on individual preferences.

Bungalow Houses with Flat Roofs

Cottage Types Bungalow
Cottage Types Bungalow

These houses are mostly preferred in the Netherlands and surrounding countries, typically favored in coastal or riverside locations. Bungalow house designs here are generally produced in a low-pitched roof style, although high-ceilinged bungalow houses are also designed.

Detached Bungalow House Types

These house types are the closest to standard homes. The bungalows here, unlike typical nuclear family houses, are designed with a more minimalistic approach, aiming for maximum efficiency with less space and furniture. In a way, inspired by Tiny House living, portable bungalow houses have started to be designed and used nowadays. In conclusion, when you want to buy a bungalow house or live in a bungalow, you have a wide range of alternatives to choose from.

Cottage Type Bungalows

Cheap Bungalows
Cheap Bungalows

“If you have a spacious piece of land, buying and setting up a bungalow here or rebuilding one will become easier for you. Cottage-style bungalows will provide you with the opportunity to spend peaceful moments in nature and at a lower cost.

SizeGenerally small and single-story
Roof TypeFlat or slightly sloped roof
BedroomsUsually 1 or 2 bedrooms
BathroomsTypically 1 or 2 bathrooms
Exterior DesignSimple and minimalistic
Interior DesignPractical and functional
Common AreasLiving room, kitchen, bathroom, terrace or veranda
Use PurposesVacation home, single-family residence, living space
Adaptability to Climate ConditionsMay vary based on the region
CostGenerally a more economical option
Geographic LocationCoastal areas, lakesides, amidst nature



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