With Ground Balcony 2 storey 3+1 portable wooden tiny house

With Ground Balcony 2 storey 3+1 portable wooden tiny house

In this article, we will introduce a balconied, portable, and modern tiny house. This two-story home features three bedrooms plus a guest room and comes with a wooden pool and BBQ area for your enjoyment. Its portable nature allows you to move it wherever you desire. The house showcases a beautiful yellow wood exterior with a contemporary design and is coated with dust-resistant paint for easy maintenance. Now, let’s explore the details of this impressive tiny house.

“Balconied, Portable, and Modern Tiny House: A 2-Story 3+1 Home with Wooden Pool and BBQ Delight”

This portable tiny house offers a comfortable and functional living space with a modern design and special features. The ground floor balcony provides the perfect outdoor area to relax and unwind. Whether sipping your morning coffee or enjoying the sunset, the balcony offers peaceful moments in the open air.

The two-story design of the house provides ample living space. With three bedrooms and a guest room, it offers an ideal accommodation option for families or groups of friends. The rooms are furnished with comfortable and thoughtfully designed furniture, ensuring a restful sleep and pleasant resting experience.

The wooden pool that comes with the tiny house offers a refreshing oasis during hot summer days. Its wooden texture and aesthetic appearance create a relaxing ambiance for enjoyable hours spent in the garden.

Additionally, the provided BBQ area allows you to prepare delicious meals and indulge in BBQ delights with your loved ones. This special area has been designed with natural wooden materials and functional layouts to create a comfortable atmosphere.

This tiny house is a portable living option that can be easily transported to your desired location. With its modern yellow wood exterior and stylish details, it is painted with dust-resistant paint for both aesthetic appeal and easy cleaning.

As a balconied, portable, and modern tiny house, it offers not only a comfortable living space but also the pleasure of a wooden pool and delightful BBQ experiences. With its unique wooden design and special features, this house provides not just a dwelling but a lifestyle to be enjoyed.




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